Darrien the Boy Duke of Osterling


“The Boy Duke” is now 26 and having spent 9 years in power, his nickname is most often used ironically by adoring Osterlings. His detractors have long since found respect for the Duke… or died for their failure.

Darrien is by far the youngest Duke in Valoren but his short reign has been a successful one. By 19, the ‘Contested Southern Terrorities’ of Osterling became known simply as the South Plains; Elvendale’s forces being pushed permanently to the archipelago to the south. By 22, every western duke who had encroached upon Darrien’s father’s territory had renewed treaties to stay west of traditional boundaries.

Darrien now rules a peaceful Dukedom, the most powerful in Valoren. Barring the domain of the Empress herself of course. A well maintained army responds to threats from savages and keeps an ever vigiliant eye on the Northern Pass.

Darrien the Boy Duke of Osterling

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