The Pantheon

Bahamut – Wisdom, Justice
Ehlonna – Woodlands, spring
Heironeous – Valor, Chivalry, Honor
Moradin – Creation, Smithing, Patron of Dwarves
Pelor – Sun, summer, humans, light.
Sarenrae – Healing, life, autumn

The Malevolent

Eruthnu’ul – Slaughter
Gruumsh – Strength, Domination, Orcs
Hextor – Tyranny
Nerull – Death
Tiamat – Destruction, Conquest, Supremacy

The Unaligned

Obad-hai – Nature
Olidammara – Rogues
Raven Queen – Death, Magic and Winter

The Unbowed
Vecna – Death Aspirant


Skets Mourn Mourn