The major town of Osterling and seat of Duke Darrien. Surrounded by mountains and the sea to the East and North, Ostmount is well protected. To the south and west lies the rest of Valoren and so the people of Ostmount feel (quite rightly) that they are secure. Other than the occasional incursion from the goliath tribes, Ostmount is a fortress town without purpose.


Duke Aurellan is largely considered a good and wise ruler. He uses the relative peace in Osterling to focus on the industry and productivity of his lands. Osterling is rich in mining opportunities and its temperate climate is lends itself to productive farming.


The seat of the Duke. Ostkeep is an imposing stone fortress built into the surrounding mountains and out of their stone. The same stone has been used to build a curved wall around the town.


Like all of Valoren, the main worship in Ostmount is to the Pantheon . Temples to all six gods can be found in Ostmount along with lesser temples to The Unaligned. Cults of the unbowed are quietly ignored but worship of The Malevolent is strictly forbidden.




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